I'm building a custom dropdown menu where I need to position the
dropdown layers relative to the main menu item. This works just fine
when I do it initially. However, in IE6/7 when I add an event listener
for the window resize event, the menu gets positioned incorrectly on
page load. The way I do it, is as follows:
- I calculate the position of the main menu item element by using
- I then position the sub menu element by setting the left and top
style attributes.

After checking the calculations in IE6/7, I discovered that
positionedOffset results change between the initial value and after
the resize event is fired after a page load. Element.cumulativeOffset
has the same problem; the returned values change between the onload
event and onresize event during page load, even though they should be
the same.

I can't figure out why this happens. Anyone got a clue?

Ron Derksen

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