I was able to fix this. Line 361 in effects.js was throwing an object
required error. I'm not sure if this is a bug in scriptaculous, or if
it was the way I wrote the function, but commenting out lines 361 and
362 solved the issue for me.

On Aug 10, 5:30 pm, CSobolewski <wiglyw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> the following code seems to work fine in Firefox, allowing me to drag
> and drop an item, then pick it up a second later and drop it to a new
> area. However in IE, it completely breaks down. The next 21 (or so)
> times I mouse up (only on mouseup, mouse down does not do it, and I
> can mouse down on one div, move to another to mouseup and it will
> create a duplicate on the mouseuped div), a copy of the draggable
> appears in whatever droppable my mouse is over. Once it's done with
> that silliness, all my draggables are broken and do not drag.
> function DropHandler(element,el){
>         var newnode  = document.createElement('img');
>         var classname = element.className;
>         newnode.src="img/"+element.id+".jpg";
>         $(el).appendChild(newnode);
>         newnode.setAttribute("class", classname);
>         newnode.setAttribute("className", classname);
>         $(element.id).parentNode.removeChild($(element.id));
>         newnode.setAttribute('id', element.id);
>         new Draggable(newnode.id,{revert:true});
> }
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