As you hint Cyrus, it's not just mobiles that could face this issue.
Perhaps that "if(MobileBrowser)" should actually be "if(Pointer)" to
indicate that the browser does or does not have a pointing device.

On Jul 29, 10:11 am, Cyrus <> wrote:
> Hi,
> while testing my prototype scripts on Mobile Safari I have seen, that
> they might need extra attention in my code ;)
> E.g. I have a menu bar that is only visible when I move the mouse.
> There is no mouse (movement) on a touch screen device, so I need to do
> some adjustments.
> Are there any best practices / recommendations how to write this kind
> of code? I guess a simple
> "if (MobileBrowser)" is enough, but is there anything already
> available within prototype framework?
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