He is Thomas Fuchs, his blog is at http://mir.aculo.us and he also is  
found lecturing at various conferences around the world. He is  
currently working on scripty2, which is in alpha and will no doubt  
revolutionize the world once again as soon as it's done. He's a busy  
guy, but you could always ask, I suppose. Or we could try to paper  
over the problem by adding some new content in that page.


On Aug 22, 2009, at 4:58 PM, JoJo wrote:

> And how would I contact this Thomas god?
> On Aug 22, 11:07 am, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
>> Where by Sam I meant Thomas, obviously...
>> On Aug 22, 2009, at 2:04 PM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
>>> I asked on the Github list, and only the repo owner can delete pages
>>> entirely. We are free to turn that page into something useful, but
>>> only Sam can remove it.

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