Most of the NetRenderers of the world don't process JavaScript and  
Ajax, unless you spend like a sailor for BrowserCam (where you get to  
remote into an actual Windows desktop and drive it in real time). One  
of the reasons I bought a new MacBook Pro last year was so I could  
install VMWare and run XP and IE6 and see how awful everything could  


On Aug 24, 2009, at 12:33 PM, Milko Kretschmann wrote:

> Hi Yuval and David,
> I'm surprised to hear it works under IE6. Since I use MacOS and  
> don't have IE I test it inderectly via a webbased IE renderer 
> ( 
> ).
> Here I get a Request Failed message when testing IE6. IE7/8 does not  
> render any result at all.

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