You will probably need to adjust your code if you want it to go up / down

On the github page there is some code for left/right too

Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] effect.Toggle 'Blind' to the right or left??

> Howdy all,
> I'm brand new to Scripaculous. If there's a better place I can go to
> answer my question, please link me.
> I'm using the effect.Toggle 'blind' effect to reveal a submenu of
> links. My question is, can I reveal the hidden submenu in a direction
> other then just Down?
> Here is my example: http://www.jacobnorth.info
> When you click on Portfolio, I'd like the submenu to reveal itself,
> sliding to the Right.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jake
> >

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