On 29 kol, 21:55, Kevin Porter <k...@9ballpool.co.uk> wrote:
> Very interesting Marko. Passing data via class attribute probably isn't
> the 'right' thing to do, but I've chosen to do it myself on occasion.

Depends on situation and amount of data. I'm using it for tree
structure on <li> element and setting variables like:
"_lft:5 _rgt:10 _parent_id:1 _root". I think this is very simple and
clean solution for this situation. I'm open to any other suggestions.

> It's certainly a very useful function you've provided. I believe HTML5
> will allow custom attributes beginning with 'data-' for this very purpose.
> I would modify your regex slightly to:
> /(?:^|\s)_([\w_]+)(:([\w_-]+))*(?:)/
> The changes are the '\w' instead of 'a-zA-Z0-9', and the addition of
> (?:) at the end. This isn't necessary at all, it just some dummy text to
> insert between the '*' and '/'  so the '*/' doesn't interfere with
> multi-line commenting.

Nice. I don't know how I thought that \w is for letters only :-)

> Does the '-' separator for array values mean that if you have an array
> of strings, none of the values can contain a '-'? Is there a better
> character to use as a separator? I suppose you're limited if you don't
> want the code to stop pages from validating?

It's validation limit. As it isn't meant for complex data it's not
that big restriction. You could use '.' instead of '-' and it would be
valid too. I've choose '-' for separator because code looks lot
cleaner to me.

Thank you for review,

> regards,
> - Kev
> Marko Zabcic wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I've needed a way for storing data/variables on html elements and
> > retrieving then through javascript. Here is the 
> > result:http://pastie.org/598948
> > and examplehttp://jsbin.com/ajohi(view source code)
> > I would appreciate you opinion on this matter and also is there a way
> > to optimize/shorten regex.
> > Thanks,
> > Marko
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