Can you pick up with #3 on this list:


...and post the result (unless you figure it out in the meantime)?
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Aug 31, 2:35 pm, Alexander Knöller <alexander.knoel...@gmail.com>
> Hi there.
> We register some calls for the dom:loaded-event in the HTML-BODY.
> Depending on the runtime environment (hardware/Windows version)
> sometimes the page produces in both IE-Versions JS-errors, because
> some or all registered functions were never called and so some
> references are missing for later actions.
> The more the JS-Script-node for the event registration  is pushed
> upward in the html-source, the less probable this error occurs until
> it disappears completely for our test environment.
> Our guess is, the dom:loaded event is fired before the event
> registration-JS-code has finished.
> Of course a workaround is to put this kind of event registration in
> the HEAD-section, but I did not find a direct statement in the
> documentation mentioning this as a requirement.
> Does anybody know about this effect/problem?
> Thanx
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