hm, I have similar problem (in my case I was adding / removing a lot
of inputs dynamically). And using Form.Observer / Element.observe
would have been an small maintenance hell. So I have been using 2
custom events - focus:in / focus:out, for bubbling focus/blur.

You could you same approach to emulate onchange, or event use
something like this, for inputs ( I'm using my Event.delegate )

document.delegate('input[type=text]', 'focus:in', function(){'value', this.getValue());

document.delegate('input[type=text]', 'focus:out', function(){
   if (this.retrieve('value') != this.getValue())
('value:changed', { previousValue: this.retrieve('value'); });

document.delegate('input[type=text]', 'value:changed', function(){
   // ... some cool code here ....

Hope this will be helpfull

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