I had a similar issue with caching once with firefox.. i had to delete the 
whole cache and it reverted the favicon back to the one i chose.
Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Favicon disappearing in Firefox?

> I am seeing something on a site I'm developing that I've never seen
> before. The favicon appears briefly, then (watching in Firebug) the
> various Ajax requests run, and as soon as they do, the favicon
> disappears. Nothing in my Ajax callbacks is set to modify the head of
> the main page, they merely replace the content of certain DIVs on the
> page. I am using Firefox 2, my client is using Firefox 3.5 and sees
> the same thing.
> Safari shows the favicon just fine.
> I have the following line in the HEAD of the page:
> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
> and the file is at the specified location.
> Does this ring any bells for anyone?
> Thanks in advance,
> Walter
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