On Thursday 03 September 2009 16:29:33 Jim Higson wrote:
> On Thursday 03 September 2009 06:51:19 kangax wrote:
> > On Sep 2, 2:23 pm, Mojito <tokyot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > What's the Prototyped syntax equivalent of:
> > >
> > > window.frames['iFrameID'].document.getElementById
> > > ('elementInsideIFrame');
> >
> > Current version of Prototype doesn't really support programmatic
> > context extension (such as that of `window.frames['iframeID']` in your
> > example). Instead, Prototype initialization for a given frame is
> > usually accomplished by inserting script referencing prototype.js
> > directly into that frame's document. Once loaded, parsed and executed,
> > that script automatically extends frame's context with all of the
> > prototype goodness. It's then possible to do something like -
> > `window.frames['iframeID'].$$('...')`.
> >
> > Also, don't forget that most of the Prototype DOM abstractions do not
> > play well with elements originating from different documents (since
> > internally, Prototype practically always operates on "original"
> > document - that which exists in a context where Prototype was
> > initialized, not an actual document of an element).
> Yes, It gets really confusing sometimes.
> "So... which document is this Node from?"
> "Is $ here the $ using the top frame's document or the iframe's document?"
> "Ok, so this node is from the other document, which also loads Prototype,
> but when I extended it with $ I added in functions which were scoped in
> this document so it breaks, but since Prototype extends Element in Firefox,
> if I hadn't have done that, it might have worked"
> Some of this could be fixed if Prototype used element.ownerDocument instead
> of just document (implicitly, window.document) for the Element methods.

Actually, I'm starting to think this isn't really so. Some cases would work 
but there are a *lot* of references to document in the Prototype source and in 
many cases there isn't an element to query for its ownerDocument.

Oh well,

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