I have a small problem with Scriptaculous and InPlaceCollectionEditor :

I can use inline collections like this :
 var collection_1 = [['twelve', '12.00'], ['twenty-four.00', '24.00'], 
['thirty-six.00', '36.00']];
 var collection_2 = ['Alan', 'Bill', 'Carl', 'Dave', 'Erik', 'Fran', 
Both work well !

But, when I want to use a distant collection, with the 
loadCollectionURL, the doc is not as helpful as I wish...
It's only told that the answer has to be JSON...
I precise that my URL is OK.

I tried many things like this in the called page :
<?php  echo "var collection = ['bh', 'col', 'corb', 'dukes', 'house', 
'iow', 'ps']"; ?>
or this :
<?php  echo "[['12.00', '12.00'], ['24.00', '24.00'], ['36.00', 
'36.00']]"; ?>...
but the only answer on my main page is  :
"Loading options" in the option box...

I use PHP, and just need to have an example of the syntax and the format 
to use.

Did one of you encountered and solved this problem ?

Thanks for any help.


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