Hi CauchemarSJH,

Check if the updater is created by verifying the returned object or
make some trace inside the class.
And if you can check on the server log, just verify that the request
is send to the server.

If we can have a live test environment, we could play with it ?


On 17 sep, 20:51, CauchemarSJH <stephen.hal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I have an issue when using the AJAX.Updater (generally when
> calling a function in the onload event that uses AJAX).
> What is happening is, very, very rarely it is as if the post did not
> happen and the content I'm trying to write into the page via AJAX just
> doesn't get in there. This isn't happening with just a single
> function, but a number of places. I have witnessed this in Firebug a
> few times, and the XHR just never appears in the console. Has this
> ever happened to anyone else?
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