I'm trying my secod post here - I never got my first to end up on the
list, so l'ts try it through the google groups website directly now...

I'm having an issue that I hope someone here can help me with...

I have the following code:

<select id="orderOption[hjkhhjh.ch]" domain="hjkhhjh.ch"
<option value="N100005" domain="hjkhhjh.ch" prepaid_total="18.50 EUR"
postpaid_total="23.15 EUR">Registreer voor 1 Jaar</option>
<option value="N100006" domain="hjkhhjh.ch" prepaid_total="36.30 EUR"
postpaid_total="45.40 EUR">Registreer voor 2 Jaar</option>
<option value="N100009" domain="hjkhhjh.ch" prepaid_total="53.40 EUR"
postpaid_total="66.60 EUR">Registreer voor 3 Jaar</option>
<option value="N100007" domain="hjkhhjh.ch" prepaid_total="87.00 EUR"
postpaid_total="109.00 EUR">Registreer voor 5 Jaar</option>
<option value="N100008" domain="hjkhhjh.ch" prepaid_total="170.50 EUR"
postpaid_total="213.50 EUR">Registreer voor 10 Jaar</option>

What I'm trying to do is when a user selects an option from the list,
the prepaid_total and postpaid_total price should show on a different

this is the javascript that worked up until a few weeks ago when I
upgraded to the new release of prototype:

            orderOptions.observe('change', function(event) {
                alert('clicked for ' + orderOptions.getAttribute
                rec = $('domainSearchResult').select('[domain="' +
orderOptions.getAttribute('domain') + '"]');
                tdPrepaid = rec[0].select('[f="prepaid"]');
                tdPostpaid = rec[0].select('[f="postpaid"]');

                selectedItem = orderOptions.select('[value="' +
orderOptions.getValue() + '"]');

The two first alerts give me what I expect, the third one just returns
NOTHING...  I used to be able to select the options with the value
like that, but it seems to be no longer working...

Any idea?

Also - I know adding attributes to the elements like that is not the
way to go - I just don't know how I can do this otherwise :(

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