Hello all,

I'd love to create a contact form using prototype and php.
However, I want to make sure that, if the javascript is disable,
the submission should be server side validated and submitted as well.

If javascript is enable, the onclick event will trigger, hence, the js
Will occur.
If the javascript isn't enable, the onclick event will not trigger,
so the submit button will get called, and the server side validation will

I don't know if it's precise, however, it works.

Now what I'd like to do is, without leaving the same page, 
when the form is submitted, the div that contains the form gets hidden, and
it should
be replaced by a div telling: "The contact was send". 

I'm so newbie, that I've found a validation class called:
"Really easy field validation with Prototype" and it seems to be very nice.

Can anyone summarize the steps to accomplish this without losing the server
side submission if, js
Is disable somehow?

Should I try to edit (I really don't like this idea) the validation class
for doing this?
Or can this be done otherwise?

Thanks a lot to any feedback on this,

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