I am having trouble with an animation, and I am hoping that someone
can help me out.

I have one box that triggers a mouseover event.observe event when you
move your mouse over it.

When this mouseover occurs, I want to have another box (which is
absolutely positioned) "appear", while also moving up slightly.  When
you 'mouseout' the second box "fade's" out.

Obviously, after the above animation, the second box is positioned
slightly higher than it was positioned initially.

I thought that I could use .setStyle  to always 'reset' the second
boxes position right before it animates, but this is not working

It works fine if you leave your mouse 'off' the first box for at least
5 seconds, but if you  trigger the mouseover quickly within a few
seconds it doesn't 'reset' the position and it flickers.

Here is a bare-bones example:


I am having this trouble in both FF 3.5 and Safari 4.


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