Hi all,

I've pushed a new alpha version of scripty2 that contains support for
WebKit CSS Transitions (browser-native visual effects).

The best thing is that to use it, you don't have to do anything! If
you use .morph(), your effects will now automatically use native
visual effects.

For more complex effects (that is, effects that make extensive use of
the scripty2 transition system), effects will fall back to the
JavaScript-based engine.

Of course, both CSS-based native effects and JavaScript-engine based
effects run happily in parallel.

What's next?

* The API for the effects will probably change a bit, to have clearer
naming conventions and make writing more complex animations easier.
(We will probably go with .animate() instead of .morph(), and
easing: ... instead of transition: ..., among others; any thoughts on
naming the API methods are welcome!).

* scripty2 UI: there's already a lot of non-public code for the UI
parts (basically helpers to make writing your own components easier),
but it's not in a releasable shape yet. We hope to have something out
in October!


Best & all feedback, patches, documentation is more than welcome,
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