hello and thanks for your answer!

here's an extract from the script I'm using

Event.observe(document, 'keypress', function(event) {
 if(event.keyCode==8 ){
     //content here
 if(event.keyCode==0 ){
     //content here

I tried to change from Event.observe(document to window but this has
no effect. I can catch the event .keycode from the space bar, it is
0...But I do not now how to prevent the browser from scrolling down
the page when space bar is pressed.

On Oct 1, 12:32 am, "Miguel Beltran R." <yourpa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/9/30 Stucture_Ulf <maximilian.moulet...@gmail.com>
> > I'm using an event observe to catch keystrokes and to add entered
> > characters to a certain div. but i have a problem with the space bar
> > button that causing a jump scroll on the page. looks like this is a
> > browser function, is it possible to catch and prevent? would be
> > grateful for any tips on how to stop this.
> > maybe add the observe to "window" or "document", but how say if the div
> have the focus?
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