You could try wrapping the arkie part in a span, hiding that, and then  
revealing it later. Use display:none and you can simply use $ 
('spanID').show() (only needs Prototype, not the whole Scripty thing)  
to turn it on, and hide() to make it, well, hide.


On Oct 3, 2009, at 4:55 AM, Darkie wrote:

> Hi guys!
> On my website I have a letter, say "D", and I'm searching a way to
> make appear the rest of the nickname ("arkie") when the user gets
> onmouseover on the "D".
> So in other words when the user gets with the mouse on the "D" letter,
> "arkie" will appear attached to the "D" and the user will get
> "Darkie".
> I tried a simple turnaround, fading off the "D" with duration 0.0 and
> make appear the nickname "Darkie" with duration 0.0, but the problem
> is that it blinks a little bit and it moves a bit to the left since
> it's CSS'ed.
> Since my turnaround failed, is there a way to make appear the rest of
> the nickname without deleting "D"?
> Thanks much,
> Darkie
> >

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