The removed element?

Just because an element has been detached from the visible DOM doesn't
mean that the reference can be maintained elsewhere.  It would be no
edge case to detach and re-attach a particular element, so to think
that an element should be trashed just because it has no parent node
is a bad perception.

Prototype has accomodations for IE's poor garbage collection tactics
and has a cleanup method for this that gets handled transparently to


On Oct 6, 12:05 pm, Ngan Pham <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I have a quick question.  If put some Event#observe on an element...and then
> later remove the element with Element#remove, do I have to do
> Event#stopObserving?  Or do the event detach themselves once garbage
> collection picks up the removed element?
> Thanks!
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