My problem (
313d3a8b674d5b28?hl=fr) comes from that issue.
The "errors" object is actually a empty array when there is no error.
But when I try to create my hash by doing:
the result is a weird hash (size() == 38!!!!!)

yoshi, how do you fixed it? what kind of test should I do before the
hash creation?

On 8 oct, 00:34, yoshi <> wrote:
> i m trying to upgrade prototype 1.5.1 to 1.6.1, then realized that the
> $H changed, and not compatible with '[]' anymore.
> the code base is huge, and $H is used very often. i m wondering if
> theres a smarter way then
> 1) writing my own wrapper around $H, so it works with old code, or
> 2) surgically update all variables using $H
> thanks in advance
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