I never really worked with scriptaculous before, so maybe its not
possible what I want to do. What I would like to achieve is that the
main container div scales down to lets say 60% of its original size
including all the content that's inside.

This works fine, but then only 1 container scales, it ignores all the
other divs that are inside it.
new Effect.Scale('container', 60, {scaleFromCenter : true,
scaleContent:true });

When I found this line of code
<a href='#' onclick="new Effect.Scale(this.parentNode, 200); return
false;">Click me for
Demo!</a> at the github page (http://wiki.github.com/madrobby/
scriptaculous/effect-scale) I figured that since this.parentNode
works, this.childNode should also work.

I ended up having this line of code on the container div. Hoping it
would work and scale all the containers inside them as well, but
nothing really happens.
onclick="new Effect.Scale(this.childNode, 200, {scaleContent:true});"

Example -> http://tijmensmit.com/dev/scale/scale.html

Is it even possible to make a group of divs and there content scale at
the same time with something like this.Childnode, or is there any
other way to make that happen? Or should I just forget about it?


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