When I use something like this it works:

new Ajax.Autocompleter("autocomplete_geo_input",
"autocomplete_geo_div", "/geographies/autocomplete", {minChars: 3});

However, when I use something like this it doesn't work:

new Ajax.Autocompleter("autocomplete_geo_input",
"autocomplete_geo_div", "
autocomplete", {minChars: 3});

In the second version it doesn't send the value in the text field! Why
not?! It just pings the URL with zero parameters passed.

To be clear, it actually sends a request to the server every time the
text field changes with three or more characters, it just doesn't send
the characters to the server. Why should it make any difference if I
specify an absolute URL or not? Is it impossible to use the
autocompleter across domains?


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