AJax requests do not work on XDR (Cross domain requests) .. you have to wrap 
it in a serverside function to get it to work.

I realise that is same domain but you also specify a port.. Ajax 
style requests must use the same domain and port iirc

Its not a prototype issue, its a security issue with the browsers


Alex Mcauley

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Autocompleter across domains with absolute URL 
doesn't pass the value?

> When I use something like this it works:
> new Ajax.Autocompleter("autocomplete_geo_input",
> "autocomplete_geo_div", "/geographies/autocomplete", {minChars: 3});
> However, when I use something like this it doesn't work:
> new Ajax.Autocompleter("autocomplete_geo_input",
> "autocomplete_geo_div", "
> autocomplete", {minChars: 3});
> In the second version it doesn't send the value in the text field! Why
> not?! It just pings the URL with zero parameters passed.
> To be clear, it actually sends a request to the server every time the
> text field changes with three or more characters, it just doesn't send
> the characters to the server. Why should it make any difference if I
> specify an absolute URL or not? Is it impossible to use the
> autocompleter across domains?
> Philip
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