I tried making a different version of my markup where I did:

<div>  <-- the overflow element


This behavior is even worse.  If you click and drag and hold down, the
scroller bar goes crazy (in FF 3.5.3)


On Oct 10, 1:11 pm, patrick <patrick99...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I hope there is a solution to this problem.  I don't quite get why it
> is happening in the first place.
> http://collinatorstudios.com/tree_test.html
> If you go to the 2nd row (the scrollable div) and scroll far to the
> right, and then attempt to swap the positions of two boxes, when you
> release the box that you were dragging, it goes and flies off the
> screen to the left and moves to some position way way way back (not
> where it was intended to be placed).
> Can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this?
> -patrick
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