Hi DJ Lee.

I have built and run a successfull ajax style cross browser desktop and is 
used in many businesses as a contact manager with alot more. I would be 
happy to share my code with you or help in anyway that i can. As luck would 
have it i started to make some video demo's last night to showcase the 
application but they are not ready yet. I would be happy to show you a 
private working demo if you need some inspiration. The project is about 2 
years old and is now in its 4th release!. It is lightning fast (without 
blowing my own trumpet - the fastest i have ever tested or used).

The design is totaly modular so anything can be added or removed from it by 
just writing some php/html.

If this is of interest to you please let me know.

Kind regards

Alex Mcauley


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> im looking to build an ajax virtual desktop. I have some idea of how
> it MAY be done however id like to try and get some expert opinions and/
> or evaluations of my own ideas. Im not a javascript or ajax guru by
> far, i sort of learn as i need to, but i am good with PHP/HTML/CSS/
> MySQL so those languages will form the core of the desktop in both
> backend processing and display, i guess all i really need ajax for is
> so i dont have to do page loading in the "normal" way.
> So my idea is to have some buttons which when clicked launch a DIV
> which has a window within it (i.e. a top bar, scrollbar, footer bar
> and ajax.updater loaded content inside). Inside each window will also
> be links to load other pages within that same window (i.e. the stats
> window may be used for displaying several stat graphs seperately and
> info window may display rules/faqs/contact info).
> i already know how to use scriptalicious's drag&drop and i should be
> able to create my own resize/minimize/maximise/close buttons as ive
> done something similar.
> However im at a lose as how to make it as dymanic and automated as
> possible. mainly
> 1. how to generate a window on the fly without having a specific
> variable (or whatever i may use) for each and every possible window
> (since the only thing that will change is the window title and content
> this seems silly). Id imagine the main things i would need to
> dynamically set are a wrapper div id and what content to load inside.
> i figure i can wrap this in a function so i can pass something like
> openWin('title', 'url'); then append a timestamp to the title for my
> unique div id and after creating the window i can just use an
> ajax.updater() to load my content... if that would work, how would it
> be best to load the window graphics and such.
> 2. once ive loaded the window if someone wants to navigate to anothe
> page inside that window i want it too change the content of the
> current window, not open a new one, how would this be best, im
> guessing id have to use onclick on the anchor <a> tag then tell it
> which container id to load inside
> <a onclick="load('container', 'url');">
> but how do i tell it wat the container is, is there a way to easily
> reference the main window container by a parent element function in
> prototype. Or when loading a page should i pass the main container id
> within the paramters, so in the ajax.updater of function openWin()
> which loads the new window box i would add a
> container: uniqueid
> to the parameters list so then in PHP i can use $_GET['container'] to
> fetch the unique container id for the anchor tag
> ------------
> i hope that makes some sense to anyone that is willing to help. Im
> really not great at explaining code e.c.t as you can tell. But unlike
> a few people i have come across, i am more than willing to learn, i
> just need a little guidance and advice on how to continue and "best
> practices".
> if you need more info then i'll do my best to explain anything you
> need in order to help me. Thanks for any help in advance and if theres
> anything i can help with in regards to PHP/MySQL support in return
> then dont hesitate to ask
> >

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