Thanks for your reply, here's the HTML;

<span id="gdjecu_wrap">
        <span style="display: none;" id="gdjecu_loader">
                <img alt="load" src="/style/loader2.gif"/>
        <input type="text" value="Gdje želite ici ?" class="gdjecu"
name="gdjecu" id="gdjecu" autocomplete="off"/>
        <button value="1" name="idemGo" id="idemGo">Traži</button>
<div id="sugestije" style="display: none;"></div>

So, i'm calling Ajax.Autocompleter on 'gdjecu' input, and the element
that shows transport results is 'sugestije'.  As you can notice,
'gdjecu' input is wrapped into 'gdjecu_wrap', which is camouflaged
with css to like like big input with submit button in it. What i need
is that the 'sugestije' element doesn't go automatically
Position.clone-ing and taking the 'gdjecu' input's position and width,
because it needs to fit the whole wrapper ( 'gdjecu_wrap' ).

And here's the JS i use to call Ajax.Autocompleter atm :
new Ajax.Autocompleter("gdjecu", "sugestije", "/ajax/
traziSuggest.php", {
                paramName: 'q',
                method: 'get',
                minChars : 3,
                indicator : 'gdjecu_loader'

On Oct 13, 6:04 pm, djlee <> wrote:
> maybe you should provide a code snippet or demo and possibly try to
> explain further what you are trying to accomplish, theres nothing
> worse in a dev support board than posting little information
> pertaining to your problem (thats not directed at you specifically,
> just a general comment).
> Depending on what your trying to do it may just be a case of css
> positioning or using a different container id on the function in
> question... but without more info i won't be able to provide you with
> any help for certain
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