If you look at ...


toward the bottom of the page there is 2 scripts to adjust to check for 
empty field.

One doesnt work for proto 1.6.1 so the author gives an example in 1.6.1 


Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Empty field and Ajax.InPlaceEditor

> Hi,
> I have a problem with Ajax.InPlaceEditor.
> When I have an empty field, it is impossible to access to the editing 
> field.
> For example, when I delete the entry of a cell, the InPlaceEditor
> doesn't work on this field anymore.
> I found a temporary solution to put a non-breaking space (or whatever
> character) before the data, but i'm not satisfied of this solution.
> I also tried a patch I found on the web called "extensions.js", but it
> breaks the Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor that I also use on the same form.
> I finally investigated on the jQuery equivalent script to
> Ajax.InPlaceEditor, and the problem is the same...
> Did anyone of you radically fixed this thing (without any "patch" on the
> original scriptaculous) ?
> Thanks.
> >

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