This looks as though you are trying to insert the tr into another tr,  
which just won't work. Try inserting into the tbody, or select a tr  
and insert before or after, using this syntax:

$('paymentHistory').down('tr').insert({before:'your tr code here'});


On Oct 21, 2009, at 3:58 PM, Russell Keith wrote:

> I have the table:
> <table id="paymentHistory">
>         <tbody>
>             <tr><th>Suffix</th><th>Coll<br />Code</th><th>Payment  
> History</th></tr>
>         </tbody>
>     </table>
> I am trying to add a row to it:
> $('paymentHistory').down('tr').insert('<tr><td>50</td><td>Coll<br / 
> >Code</td><td>Payment History</td><td>&gt;30</td></tr>');
> I can’t figure out where I am going wrong.
> >

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