Sorry Marcio i am not sure i understand fully what you need ...

Do you have an example from a site that maybe you have seen somewhere that i 
can visualise on?

Alex Mcauley

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Thanks Alex... well... sometimes, I get some comments that just kills my
orientation mood:

Here's a reply from a php list:


"essentially what you are saying is:

1) user is presented with the basic navigation menu
2) user clicks an item and page navigates somewhere else
3) because of the item user clicked in 2) display some extra menu items

That's not a menu, it's just a navigation bar that changes slightly
depending on where you are in the site..."

So maybe my focus should not be on the click event but on the url changes?

Putting the thinks like this, should I still think on js for this job?

What do you think?

Thanks a lot,

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> I wrote a quick and dirty "windows style" start menu for an application
> the
> other day..
> If you want to learn the concepts check out the code at
> Some of it is only relevant to my application but thats easy enough to
> pick
> out...
> Each time somehting in my start menu is hovered (if it has a certain
> classname) it makes an Ajax Request to my server to get the latest
> possible
> sub menu's for that menu item (you wont need to do this if your
> application
> is static) ..
> There is probably a better way to do this but i needed flexability and
> i had
> not written a menu before so i thought i would have a crack at it... It
> took
> about 15 minutes to write so it isn't all that complicated - if you
> need any
> explination please ask.
> Alex Mcauley
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> Hello all,
> I'm on my way for building a menu using javascript.
> If I search for js menu on google, I get "23523523 free build now menus
> etc..."
> But I would like to understand and see, the process involving the
> creation
> of a js menu that needs to be unobtrusive.
> For this database menu I need to:
> Have a menu that, when the user clicks:
> a) show the child elements of that clicked parent.
> b) change the URL.
> I don't mind about reloading.
> The server side part:
> 1) Construct an array from a query.
> 2) Build a ul/li List based on that array
> 3) Print it out to the page.
> The client-side part:
> 4) I suppose I should I give to the li and ul some ids, so that we can
> show
> child elements only when a specific parent is clicked? But we add this
> ul/li
> ids on the server side code, or on the client-side code?
> 5) Each time the user clicks on a menu item, the URL must change. How
> to
> preserve the menu estates over this url changes?
> Some questions may not make too much sense for an experimented look,
> and are
> related with my confusion, but what I really like to understand is the
> procedures for creating something like this.
> Could I have your help on this?
> Thanks a lot,
> Márcio

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