> Doesn't serialize() just work with Element.id?

No, the `name` and `id` attributes have completely different
purposes.  A form field must have a `name` attribute to be sent as
part of the form (this is an HTML thing, not a Prototype thing).  The
`id` attribute is unrelated to forms, it's used for addressing
elements (looking them up in JavaScript or using them as anchors).

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On Oct 27, 9:07 pm, "bernard" <bernard.christophe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a form whose elements (input, select) were given explicit IDs, but no 
> name.
> when I do this:
>   var parmHash;
>   parmHash = $('myForm').serialize(true)
> parmHash is empty. When i gave the form elements name='someName',
> parmHash is completed as expected. Doesn't serialize() just work with 
> Element.id?
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