Hi Peder,

You can adjust indirectly the speed of the effect with the duration
parameter, which is the effect duration (from start to end).

In your case, you may change:
new Effect.Move(caroImgs[imgIdx], {x: newLeft, y:0, mode:
new Effect.Move(caroImgs[imgIdx], {x: newLeft, y:0, mode: 'absolute',

For the tooltip script, I have no idea, but you may have a look at


On Oct 25, 5:17 pm, Peder Johnsen <supp...@johnsendesign.no> wrote:
> Hi, is there anyway to speed up the move effect?
> I am currently using it forwww.pixelgeddon.com(press the joystick
> icon).
> And the way it is now its moving a bit to slow..
> Also I wonder if anyone of you know about any good tooltip scripts
> that works with Prototype & script.aculo.us.
> It has to let me display a sepereate div with html text for each image
> in that scroller that I use the move effect for :).
> Best regards,
> Peder Johnsen.
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