On Oct 29, 4:36 pm, JoJo <tokyot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it poor practice to use $$?
>    $$('#grandparent #parent tag.class');
> I've been using $$ quite a lot because it has sped up DEVELOPMENT, but
> now I have realized that it will slow down MAINTENANCE.  Recently, my
> boss asked me to move a whole div to another part of the page.  Since
> I was accessing that div with $$, I was forced to change my JS along
> with my HTML.  If I had accessed that div with $('elementID'), I would
> have only needed to edit my HTML.
> For this, I believe that $$ is a violation of the model-view-
> controller paradigm.  HTML and CSS are the view.  JS should be thought
> of as the controller.  If you think about it, JS processes user input
> just like PHP, except on a livelier schedule.  To make your website
> easier to implement, you should refrain from using $$ to describe the
> HTML structure.
> What are your thoughts?

Yep. I came to the very same conclusion recently —

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