Hi all,
I have a page with some boxes placed side by side. When the user moves
over one of them a tooltip appears, then it should disappear when the
user moves out or moves over another box.

I use the mouseenter and mouseleave events to do this but sometimes,
when the user moves quickly on the boxes, some tooltips don't hide. I
can see even more than one tooltip at the same time and they won't
disappear until the boxes are hovered again. It's like the mouseleave
event is not triggered, but if I put an alert in it I see it gets

The code is the following:

        function (element)
                Event.observe(element, 'mouseenter', 
                Event.observe(element, 'mouseleave', 

function mouseEnter(event, element)

function mouseLeave(event, element)

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in
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