Split the response or make it a JSON response and loop it or...


and have the serverside do the updating

Alex Mcauley
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> Hi,
> So, if I have a controller action with an rjs template that does
> page.replace_html on several different elements, how can I accomplish
> this same update of multiple elements in my regular js functions?
> For example, I have a controller: and in it I do:
> def some_action
>  render :partial => 'some_path/blah'
> end
> ...  Then in my js code, I do:
> $('my_form').request({onComplete:
> function(r) {
> $('some_div').update(r.responseText);
> }
> });
> But how could I do the same thing but update 3 or 4 divs with
> different partials?
> Is rjs really the best way to deal with this sort of thing?
> -patrick
> >

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