The "success" alert fires off, but not the "feeling ok" alert.

            function ajaxRequest2(){
                var url = "/cgidev2p/r_chgpwd.pgm";
                var pars = 'v_current=' + escape($F('v_current')) +
'&v_new=' + escape($F('v_new')) + '&v_confirm=' + escape($F
('v_confirm')) + '&sessionid=' + escape($F('sessionid'));
                //var submitObj = document.getElementById('goButton');
                new Ajax.Request(url, {
                    method: 'get',
                    contentType: 'application/json',
                    parameters: pars,

                    onSuccess: function(transport){
                        var jsonObj = transport.responseJSON;
                        alert('feelingOk:' + jsonObj['success']);
                    onComplete: function(transport){

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