On Nov 6, 7:14 pm, Rhiq <ndba...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll try to explain what I am up to; feel free to slap me if I am
> really messing this up.
> I have a table that represents orders in a database, and it seems to
> be working fine.  When the user clicks on an order a div is updated
> using an Ajax.updater call.  This works well, the information is some
> html code that gives details of the order.  It includes an edit link,
> and when the user clicks this another Ajax.updater updates the same
> div - this time with a form.  That seems to work will to.
> Here is the problem that I am running into.  When the submit button is
> clicked, I want the data to be saved and the div to by updated again
> with the refreshed order details.  I can't seem to come up with a way
> that works.
Do you mean that *instead* of doing an HTML submit (which always does
a GET or POST fetch of the whole page) you want to do an Ajax
operation which only refereshes the div?

In that case, don't use a 'submit' input at all: use a button (you can
call it 'submit' if you like) and observe it with a 'click'.
If you are concerned about getting all the inputs from from form, see

> The other question I have is how to attach an observer to a
> dynamically created element - like my form?
Either include some Javascript in the HTML you send from the Ajax
request, to set up an event handler (use Element.observe() rather than
the HTML 'onClick' property - in this case you will need to set
'evalScripts: true' in your Ajax.Updater options

Or, the better solution is to attache a handler to an element which
doesn't change (your <div> probably) and delegate handling.

If you say

$('mydiv').observe('click', function(ev) {
  var input = ev.findElement('input');
  if (input) ...

then any pick on your div, irrespective of how many times its contents
have changed, will call that function (which I've written inline, but
could be a named function), which will check whether the pick was
actually inside an <input> element - any <input> element - and if so
take action.

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