I wasn't aware that PeriodicalExecuter did call a URL...

Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater does...

If you want to just call a request every X seconds and change things just 
use PeriodicalExecutor or simply setTimeout

Alex Mcauley
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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] PeriodicalExecuter that doesn't stack

> Im looking for a way to make PeriodicalExecuter not stack plus add in
> a max period setting.
> If PeriodicalExecuter could call a function instead of a url I could
> set/clear some flags
> so it would or wouldn't make the call depending on the flags.
> But I don't see how I could do that unless I could make it call a
> function and not a url.
> I think a max period would have to be hacked into prototype. I'm not
> sure on that one though.
> Anyone have any thoughts on how I could achieve this?
> Basically PeriodicalExecuter that doesn't stack plus a max period
> setting.
> Thanks,
> William
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