I just bumped into a weird bug in my code.
The thing is, that I am trying to update value of several checkboxes 
with a value received in a result of ajax call.

Anyway, I have following construction:

<input name="someName" class="APP_CHANGELOG_LOG_ID" value="" 

The checkboxes are unchecked by default.

In the script I do:


But the values stays intact.

If I do this this way, it works:

function(checkbox) {
   checkbox.value = 112

Is it me, or the setValue does not work on checkboxes?
I just tried to do simple:


in Firebug console, where publishChangelogSvn is a checkbox. It does 
not matter if it is checked or not. It just do not set the value.

Docs does not mention anything about checkboxes...

Working with prototype 1.6.1.

Do you have had the same issue?

Best Regards

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