We use JsUnit with prototype successfully.  Could you post any
additional info about the errors you are getting?  What version of
prototype/jsunit/browser are you using?  I will say that JsUnit seems
to be basically on life support so you might want to look in to
something else.  I've recently been looking in to the YUI Test library
which seems very full featured.  http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/3/test/


On Nov 10, 1:51 pm, Daff <d...@spidertracks.co.nz> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been trying to find a Javascript Unit testing framework that
> works with Prototype. I initially tried JsUnit, but it would appear that
> there is a namespace conflict with the asserts, because as soon as I
> include the prototype file, all the previously passing test fail, with
> errors.
> I have searched the forums and did note that there is mention of
> unittest.js in some of them but have been unable to find said file. The
> posts where is was mentioned were also quite old.
> I am really more interested in what others are using to test their
> Prototype created classes via unit testing.
> Any thoughts of help would be most appreciated.
> --
> daff
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