I used prototype 1.5.0rc2 and the testing tool Selenium 1.0 in a web
application. When I updated prototype to, everything still
works in FF 3.5 and 3.0, but in IE I get strange error javascript

The code which fails is "Element.extent" in the function $().
The error message is "Object doesn't support this property or

When I try to inspect "Element" in the debugger, I get the same error
as above. When I evaluate "typeof Element", I get "unknown" (not

All the other prototype object are defined however: Prototype, Ajax
have all the type "object".

The interesting thing is, that Element was defined when the browser
opens the page with the selenium command "open". But after typing
something in an entry field or any other action, Element is set to
this strange non-object.

Any suggestions?

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