I have a list with 3 columns. This is the code. You just modify it a little bit for your page.

<span class='citystateinlist'>City,State</span>
<span class='dateinlist'>Date</span>

    float: right;
    width: 80px;
  float: right;
  width: 150px;

Ashwin wrote:
Hi Yogesh,

You gave me some food for thought! I added float:left; and width:
300px; attributes to all the <span> tags just to see how that turns
out. When I do that, the <span> elements are outside the enclosing
<li> elements, one below the other. I am no CSS expert, so I could be
messing up somehow in that area. Can you send me a relevant snippet of
the CSS that you employ for this effect?


On Nov 11, 12:59 pm, Yogesh Agashe <yogesh.aga...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Ashwin,

How about floating the span elements? I have similar list and I use
float. Add a class to your span elements. In CSS, assign a width and
float them left or right as per your requirement.


Ashwin wrote:
One of the reasons I like the Google Suggest powered autocomplete
function at Google Finance (http://finance.google.com) is because the
drop choice choices appear in a tabular format with 2 columns. The
left column contains the ticker symbol and the right column contains
the company name. I am trying to emulate a similar effect but with 4
columns. Without thinking about customization, my first attempt
involves trying to return data that looks like this from the server
  <li><span style="width:50px;">1</span><span style="width:
150px;">Jane</span><span style="width:150px;">Doe</span><span
  <li><span style="width:50px;">2</span><span style="width:
150px;">John</span><span style="width:150px;">Doe</span><span
  <li><span style="width:50px;">3</span><span style="width:
150px;">Peter</span><span style="width:150px;">Trent</span><span
In a regular HTML page, this has a tabular look to it. But when this
content gets loaded in the autocompleter's DIV element, it gets
treated just like HTML whitespace.
Am I missing something here, or are there better ways of doing this?
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