joe t. wrote:
> i agree on that. setValue has its purpose pretty much in the name.
> "Set" the "value" of a control. For checkboxes, "setChecked
> (bool)" (also applying to radios?) would have made a lot more sense.

Yes, it does apply to radios to. It's a shame that the docs aren't 
clear on this behavior.

You can play a little with this test page:

I personally think it would be better if setValue on radio and 
checkbox either really set the value, or set the checked state base on 

Element.setValue = function(element, newValue) {
     $(element).checked = ($(element).value == newValue);

This way, you could check or uncheck the element, especially radio, 
based on that if value is matching. This would be useful for methods 
similar to Form.unserialize();

It is of course impossible to be done at this state of the library, 
where the code is used in (hundreds of) thousands of scripts among the 

I will probably write additional method for my needs with use of the 
excellent Element.extend method.

I want to thank all the prototype.js developers, doc writers and 
supporters for your work on the library. Great job!

Best regards,

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