Example: What do you like about the Internet? Choose 3 of the 5
possible answers and order them according to their importance. Drag
the answers from the first list to the second and sort them.

list id=possibleAswers
item id=anser_1 Asking other poeple easily for help
item id=anser_2 Communicating with others
item id=anser_3 Playing online
item id=anser_4 Reading news
item id=anser_5 P**n

list id=chosenAnsers limit=3

Further information:

The aim is either to deactivate the draggables from list
"possibleAnswers" so that they cant be grabbed anymore but items from
list chosenAnswers can be grabbed and dropped back. Or to deactivate
list "chosenAnswers" as a dropable so that further items grabbed from
list "possibleAnswers" will pop back to the list.

I tried the second one by putting "Droppables.remove('chosenAnsers')
into the onUpdate routine but it didnt work. The list chosenAnswers
still accepted drops on it.

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