As a note, the script I am using is at:

...and is by Ryan Johson.

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On Nov 17, 2:01 pm, Blue Hand Talking <>
> I am using a script for an animated drop down menu with a scrollbar.
> It will not display normally. If I run the following script in
> Firebug:
> scrollbar.recalculateLayout();
> It works just fine. My problem,  not having in-depth javascript
> knowledge,
> is how I can have the above script called. I have tried 'onmouseover'
> for the
> div that contains everything, but nothing. Tried 'onload' in body, but
> that
> didn't work. Tried using the following for <div
> id="scrollbar_content"> :
> $('scrollbar_content').observe('onmouseover',function(event) {
>                 scrollbar.recalculateLayout();
>                 event.stop();
> });
> But that did not work either.
> I am currently using a self.init method for the window to fix broken
> png files in IE 6, so that is not available.
> Any ideas appreciated.
> Thanks,
>    Jet


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