I am making a website with an embedded app, so it is very much like a
desktop application. There are blocking events.

On Nov 18, 12:12 am, Peter De Berdt <peter.de.be...@pandora.be> wrote:
> On 18 Nov 2009, at 01:30, JoJo wrote:
> > When the user clicks a button, I want to show an hourglass cursor
> > while its onclick handler is being run. I tried this:
> > $$('body').first().setStyle({cursor: 'progress'});
> > The hourglass only appears when I hover over the body background. When
> > hovering over the button itself (which is an <a>), the cursor does not
> > show the hourglass.  How do I get the hourglass to appear regardless
> > of where I'm pointing?
> Well, this topic has come up before (I even replied to the thread back  
> then) on the Rails mailing 
> list:http://www.mail-archive.com/rubyonrails-t...@googlegroups.com/msg4033...
> Anyway, I can tell you for sure it doesn't work, it will never work  
> and to be honest, an hourglass cursor is just a bad idea. Cursor  
> changes like that should only be used for blocking events, that's what  
> we're used to from desktop apps. In a web app, there simply are no  
> blocking events. If you really have an action that should prevent the  
> user from doing anything else, you'll have to be more persistent and  
> put an overlay over the whole application, so they really can't click  
> anything. If you're really so fond of using a wait cursor, you can set  
> is as the style for that overlay. For everything else: just use a  
> loading indicator that you show and hide somewhere on the screen.
> Best regards
> Peter De Berdt


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