I understand your frustration.

TJ who was handling the doc up until now has very recently resigned.

We haven't found anyone to replace him in this role yet.

Until then, you might see some fluctuations in how fast these changes
are pulled upstream.

Would you mind posting a link to these changes so I can look at them
in the meantime?



On Nov 19, 5:24 pm, Bertrand <bertrand.char...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was not too happy about the fact that the new version of the
> documentation wasn't on par with the old one in terms of examples and
> coverage. So I dove into github and began tackling the issue (the docs
> are open source after all).
> I wanted to send a tiny modification at first and my goal was to add
> more modifications once the first pull request for the docs would get
> approval. I then proceeded to enrich the docs for src/lang/array.js
> (more to give the whole process a shot and see if I was doing things
> properly). It's been around two weeks and still no feedback on it.
> I was initially enthusiast about it all and really willing to get out
> of my usual "consumer" way to become a proactive contributor.
> With the severe lag in the answer from the devs, I have to admit to I
> am a tad discouraged now. The new doc system was supposed to make it
> easier for people to contribute, to surf on the community effort and
> make the whole Prototype ecosystem kick ass. If it takes weeks for
> someone to get something upstream, we're failing doing just that.
> Now I am not naive either, I know you guys are busy with new features,
> working very hard on your spare time to keep the library on the front
> line at a time where jQuery is getting the best press and where Google
> is delivering in the JS library department, but aren't we all?
> Prototype users willing to give a hand have jobs too, they have
> families, they're not familiar with the whole shebang and yet they're
> trying. So please make it easy for them to help with the more tedious
> tasks so that you guys can concentrate on what you've been excellent
> at for a few years now: making Prototype the best JS library around.


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