Hello everyone, firstly thank you very much.

I have the following questions:

Since I work with prototypejs AJAX requests to return, I always return
calls as application/json parsing the JSON object in the response, so
I had to always use something like the following to use the object:

var json = transport.responseText.evalJSON();

However in the documentation of prototype, to use the JSON object
directly, they recommend using, for example:

var json = transport.headerJSON;

To proceed in this manner is necessary to write the header X-JSON
object with the contents of the JSON...

My questions are:

What improvements can I do with this method?
PrototypeJS could not detect the response MimeType, as application/
json, and interpret it the same?
And last ... If I refactor my script to use the X-JSON header, the
response of the request should be empty?

Sorry for my English


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