i'm trying to implement a Google Wave Gadget with the Javascript
Framework scriptaculous.
But i got some problems.

1. I just added the JS source prototype.js and scriptaculous.js.
But the skript breaks at the first Effect.

2. I checked the scriptaculous.js File and saw, that this File trys to
add the other js Files like effects.js, dragdrop.js, ... But the
Skript didn't do so in Wave.
So i just added the scripts by hand.
Now the Animations like BlindUp,... works
But now i get an error: "this.initalize is undefined" prototype.js
(row 89)

I really don't know this much about scriptaculous. But it seems to be
a path problem. I'm not a pro in JS but as far as I understood, the
scriptaculous.js File trys to include the other files, relative to the
Files Location. But now, the Skript runs on another Server. In a Wave,
and i think, this causes the problems.

Maybe by changing some code parts in the Prototype and Scriptaculous
JS Files will solve the problem.

Sry for my bad english :(

kind regards, Fabian F


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