Hi sethammons,

In fact you can pick every element position with prototype, not just
for a draggable.
The method to use is Element.cumulativeOffset at
If there is a scroll bar that modify position of the element, prefer
the Element.cumulativeScrollOfset at

of course both method could be call with element#cumulative...


On 25 nov, 01:43, sethammons <seth.amm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm a php person, and relatively new to javascript -- so I appreciate
> any help I can get! My question: How do I get the center coordinates
> and/or the top left coordinates of a draggable after it is dropped in
> the droppable? Here is my situation:
> I am letting users upload images. In their image, they specify a given
> area. Later, another user then either clicks or drags a draggable -- I
> haven't chosen yet -- in the area that they think the originator put
> their selected area, and the php checks the results after the page
> reloads.
> For example, the originator uploads a picture of the solar system, and
> specifies where Earth is. I then have the coordinates of a box that
> surrounds Earth stored in the database. Later, a user comes by and
> attempts to identify Earth by either clicking or dragging a pointer or
> circle or box within the earlier specified and stored coordinates. The
> second user then submits the page, and I can compare to see if the
> coordinates of the second user fall within the coordinates of the
> given area from the original user.
> I hope that this does not sound too convoluted. Thanks for any help
> you guys can offer!
> --Seth


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